Show Artworks DAMAin

Show Artworks DAMAin


DAMAin – An artist from the Netherlands, born in Hellevoetsluis and raised and still living in Maassluis nearby Rotterdam. His name is pronounced as: ‘Da-Men’ and written in a French kinda way. The name stands for a combination between chic and urban. The gap between both worlds in terms of style is nowadays getting smaller. DAMAin thinks the world is appreciating more and more the best things from both sides.

First, DAMAin began with painting shoes, mostly sneakers. This went very well in the Netherlands. Basically, most of the famous Dutch soccer players and showbizz people are walking on DAMAin-shoes. Once it became a routine to paint shoes every day for customers, he decided to make his own art pieces. And so, the story of DAMAin has started.

The main goal is to create an abstract DAMAin-world where all kind of people can meet his art, his characters and his unique and recognizable style and handwriting. DAMAin has got a crazy way of writing. He makes words out of only one line. In 10 years, the world must recognize this one-line handwriting as of DAMAin. But overall, the drive of DAMAin is to wake up every day and doing what he loves to do: make art.

His big achievement after working and struggling two years is his first art-collection called: “MORE IS MORE”. The collection consists of 11 canvases, 9 pots and 5 vodka bottles. For DAMAin, his art creates order in the chaos of his mind, making art is like therapy for him. The name of the collection “MORE IS MORE” defines not only the artworks, but also his style and what’s going on in his mind. He wants you to see new things every time you see an artwork. DAMAin wants people to talk about his art and start conversations and discuss the artworks with other people. He hopes you to find beautiful things through his art and hopes to inspire everyone. Art is cool these days and there is never enough art.

DAMAin has already achieved some crazy things. Pretty much pro-soccer players once bought a shoe, like Leon Bailey, Hakim Ziyech & Steven Bergwijn. And other Dutch showbizz people, like rappers an tv-personalities.

Besides, DAMAin made in collaboration with the Dutch GP clogs for every driver from the Formula 1. He got the chance to hand it out personally to 16 out of 20 drivers. The drivers and their staff appreciated a lot the gift form the Netherlands made by DAMAin. Red-Bull, McLaren and Mercedes, all gave him a personal thanks by posting content on their social media. Max Verstappen said: “It’s amazing, I see new things every time!” and Lewis Hamilton said about the DAMAin-writing: “It’s crazy how you wrote my name!”. These two drivers mentioned exactly the main thought of the art of DAMAin.

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