Show Artworks Jonas Leriche

Show Artworks Jonas Leriche



Jonas Leriche (Belgium, 1976) – began his career as a fine art photographer after yearsof experience as a fashion photographer. The work of Leriche explores the emotions ofthe human being and transforms them into images.

Photography by Jonas Leriche is built in multiple layers, paying absolute attention todetails. Jonas Leriche considerate himself more an art director than a photographer. The photography itself is the product of a long process which started with a flash of inspiration.

Leriche’s photography pushes the boundaries between the nature and the artificiality of photography. In a society in which appearance and superficiality predominate Leriche aims to pump some rawness of nature, in order to give the viewer, the possibility to explore the photography further deeply than its surface.

Looking for the connection between the spectator and the essential. For Jonas Leriche the perfect photography will fill the spectator with emotions and touches his soul.

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