Show Artworks Lorleon

Show Artworks Lorleon


Lorleon – was founded in the Netherlands in 2016 by a creative team of artists who have developed themselves from fashion and advertising photography to wildlife and fine art photography. The artists of Lorleon have a background in photography and building design in which, in addition to their education, they have spent a lot of time from their passion on creating concepts, experimenting and improving their skills in their studio but also on location with photo shoots.

This dedication has resulted in that Lorleon’s artists have received many awards with their individual works at internationally renowned photography competitions as well as international competitions related to design.

The artists of lorleon like to be inspired for their concepts by the beauty of nature, culture, art from all over the world.

The concepts of their work with their stories originate from a moment of inspiration, after which the team collects the photos for the compositions and carefully assembles these elements in the work and allows them to flow into each other through digital drawing and photo manipulation so that the photographic work forms a portal to a new world.

The collective works of lorleon have participated in various renowned international photography competitions and have already received various prizes for their fine art, advertising, fashion and wildlife photography.

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