Show Artworks Lotta van Droom

Show Artworks Lotta van Droom


Lotta van Droom (Germany, 1979) – discovered photography when she got her grandfather’s old camera as a present. She is a self-educated photographer, who learned how to capture facial emotions through self-portrait.

She started photographing still-life and nature. Very soon Lotta realized the fascination of capturing and holding short moments that otherwise would have been quickly fading away. In order to have a better control over the final result she bought all the components to create a darkroom. There she could experiment with exposure, coloring and all the possibilities arising from it.

In 2001, van Droom switched to digital photography and very soon she started to see the new possibilities digital offered to her development as a photographer. Digital photography influenced Lotta’s imagination world.

Lotta’s style is a beautiful mix between surrealism and romanticism, her work is
characterized for its unnatural portraits and dreamlike scenes. For Lotta each
photograph starts in the photographer’s head and continues after the photo is taken. Van Droom is an observer but however, all her photos are part of her thoughts and reflect her mood, feelings, dreams and aspirations.

Lotta works in small series which assemble the thoughts that often overlap in the head of the photographer. Those are impossible to capture in a single photograph, and furthermore, the series allow the creatures of her dreams to be accompanied by

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