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Show Artworks Martis Bros


The twins Martis Bros – are born and raised in Amsterdam, Netherlands in 1988.Danny & Jermaine are natural artist through and through.  As young infants the brothers started drawing on the walls of their elderly home. At first their parents were annoyed by it but not soon after they noticed that the toddlerswere drawing profound drawings.
Being stimulated by their curiosity they spend hours, days months, years in their creative world. Theidea of perfecting their craft, they had the tendency of wanting to chase it.

With the years of practise they have come to understand that “perfection” or the idea of it is really an illusion, Itwas something they have set in there minds to try to understand what our world is really about.

Early on as kids the brothers were exposed to populair movies such as The Godfather, Scarface, AKIRA,Looney Toons, Bruce Lee etc. These movies stimulated their creative narrative and story telling through imagery/ visuals.

As they never like to use labels or being labeled.
The brothers don’t necessarily have a vision of a certain type of artist they want to be. Artalways kinda came first, where ever that intuition led them, they just followed it.

In 2010 they started to develop their art skill using the medium of tattoos.Through focus, discipline and persistence you can cultivate a level of mastery. Now running a successful tattoo studio for over a decade traveling around the globe with there tattoo artgetting to know there world and the people in it. The traveling fuelled them with ideas, ideas that needed to come out, althoughthis time they translated their ideas in a different way.

By knowing broadly in one art, you can see the same pattern’s in basically everything.. Andthats where contemporary art comes into play.

Once again that freedom that people call Passion took over.With their experience and artistic insight the brothers started to mix mediums to create art pieces. Digital mixed media, famous characteristics, sculpting, photography and painting all coming together is to create

The Martis brothers use diverse materials and layers as a base, adding holographic effects with coloursand other handcrafted materials to create sculptures and fantastic 3D effect pieces. These artworks are finished by hand with several layers of liquidgloss/ epoxy.By adding these layers they create innovative and unique art pieces.

Always trying to tell a story the motto the brothers live by is

“The Way Is In Creating”

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