Show Artworks Mowkid

Show Artworks Mowkid


Mowkid – Born in Mandla near the deep jungle of India, Mowkid lost both of his parents in a tragic accident at a very young age. Mowkid was adopted by a new family-both his surrogate parents are diplomats working for the government and living in New York. He chose to go by the alias “Mowkid” because he feels disconnected from his original name and never got used to his American name.

Currently he is living in New York: his environment stands in shrill contrast with the natural paradise he grew up in, this conflict stands at the core of his creations.

His connection with nature and the jungle is still strong, empowered by his deeply imbedded childhood memories.Traveling around the world as Mowkid, he now explores the urban cityscapes, always looking for new discoveries to satisfy his natural curiosity.

In Mowkid’s work you feel immediately the opposition between the artificial city landscapes with their geometrical shapes colliding with the free flowing curves of mother nature, the bright neon lights radiating through the natural sunlight. There is more than meets the eye, when closely observing his work you feel the inner search for his true identity torn between two opposite worlds.

Through his Art, Mowkid found a way to express his feelings and to deal with his emotions.

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