Show Artworks Paul Raats

Show Artworks Paul Raats


Paul Raats –  is a passionate visual artist from the Netherlands, born and living in the southern city Eindhoven. He has travelled to 52 countries as a consultant, when he with almost zero photographic background, started with photography at the age of 43. He now is broadly skilled in working both in in-door and outdoor studios, concepts, postproduction and advising on art prints. He loves innovating and in his first years he was very successful in working on the edge by following athletes and created all kinds of very detailed (documentary) work. He also recognized for his work with customized created drones, 360 photography and video cams. That’s how Paul skilled and developed himself to become the Photographer he is today.

He was one of the first commercial drone photographers in the world. Quickly he found his passion with working with top athletes and started working for several big brands, sport marketing agencies, the ANP Dutch Press Agency, sport unions and magazines. He was more and more inspired by creating not the usual sports visual but loved to create the combination between sports and arts. Paul started his own project by working with top athletes preparing for the Tokyo Olympics games.
He was able to obtain his first exhibitions and travelled between Netherlands and Japan. This hard work resulted in cooperation with The Dutch sports federation NOC/NSF and his dream came true, having an exhibition during the Olympics, in the former Holland Heineken House. Due to the covid-19 pandemic unfortunately, things have been delayed. Due to Paul’s unconditional love for spending more time on visual arts he opened his own gallery in Eindhoven and is now working on new projects. He is making new visual experiences by creating his own style of art in and outside the sports industry. Combining physical objects in his prints in liquid gloss, neon lights and even working with moss. A truly unique upcoming artist with unlimited potential

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