Show Artworks Yves Krief

Show Artworks Yves Krief


Yves Krief (1959) –  is a photographer who mixes photography and graphics disclosing theimagination based on the unconscious and symbolic. All his paintings are the consequence of the fusion of multiple images captured during his various trips (New York, Paris, London, Cuba, etc.)

Through his photography Krief tells universal stories with multiple layers. Each of the paintings cross the barrier between the delayed memory in order to start a
conversation with the unconscious of the spectator. In every composition the whole is being melted into a set that appears clearly constructed, structured and coherent. The artist creates settings that are open to multiple interpretations, where everything is in balance and nothing predominates, because of that, the meaning of the artwork is only induced by the experience of the spectator. To emphasize the idea of narrating universal stories, Krief gives the title ‘Cent Titres’ to all his paintings. Because of its phonetic, it can be understood as untitled or hundred titles, that helps to reinforce the ambiguous of the artworks for which there are an infinite number of ways to read it.

Nowadays, the viewers mind has captured so much information that it’s impossible to synthetize, there is a need to give everything a meaning, that can be done through emotional intelligence. At this point the image becomes a mirror of reality in the viewer’s mind.

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